About The Australian Opal & Diamond Collection

Who Are We?

The Australian Opal and Diamond Collection (AODC) is one of Australia's leading Opal merchants. We are Wholesalers, Exporters and manufacturing Jewellers of Australian Opal Gemstones. We have an extensive range of exclusive Black Fire Opals and also stock Pink Diamonds and South Sea Pearls.

We feel that the individuality, quality and authenticity of our merchandise can never be compromised. That our commitment and professional attitude towards customer service and client relations make us stand out from the rest. We also pride ourselves on the ability to provide a high-class product at a reasonable price. Our merchandise will promote prestige and quality, adding a touch of colour and elegance. The Australian Opal Collection is involved in all facets of opal; from mining to export. We are therefore able to offer a fine and extensive range of unique merchandise.

Australian Opal in service to royalty

The Australian Opal and Diamond Collection has manufactured and designed pieces for several Monarchs around the globe, includng HRH Princess Mary of Denmark and HM Queen Sylvia of Sweden.
Sylvia Dimasi, Chief Designer at The Australian Opal & Diamond Collection was also approached to design a unique piece for Princes Mary to celebrate the birth of her son, Prince Christian. This spectacular piece consisted of a Solid Crystal Opal from Mintabie, South Australia, surrounded in diamonds. This particular piece of jewellery converts into three different pieces; a pendant, ring and a brooch.

Princess Mary of Denmark With Crystal Opal Brooch
HRH Princess Mary of Denmark, wearing the Crystal Opal jewellery piece as a brooch.
ANZAC Day Memorial Service - Copenhagen, 2015.

AODC World Expositions

AODC was once again recognized by the Australian Federal Government, as being the leader in our industry. Placed on the world stage as the sole Australian promoter and retailer of Australian Opals, Pearls and Diamonds. The AODC has showcased to over 8 million guests, who came from all over the world to view and purchase our exclusive products.
No other Jeweller in Australian history has been chosen to represent our country in two expositions, and being consecutive expositions, shows that the AODC are leaders within thier field, establishing a precedent for others to follow.

Since then, we have had over 12 million guests pass through our showcases around the globe, making AODC the number one Opal, Diamond and Pearl retailer in the world. Our expertise is reflected by our achievements, being highly regarded as innovators and leaders of our industry, both by our industry peers as well as the Federal Government of Australia.

VIP Viewings

We have been commissioned by the Federal Government of Australia and state Government of South Australia to design and hand craft unique Australian Opal jewellery for different International heads of State. We have also received invitations to host VIP viewings. These include clients such as; Mr. Donald Rumsfeld, The King and Queen of Sweden and numerous celebrities from the entertainment world.

Our Team

The AODC prides itself on the exceptional people that work within our company. Many of our staff members are multilingual, with over 10 different languages spoken. They specialize in their various fields and can answer any questions you have regarding our Australian Opals, Diamonds or Pearls.

The AODC team

The AODC Guarantee

All of our merchandise has a world wide guarantee and whilst all care will be taken for quality control, any item if faulty will be replaced at no extra cost to the client. All “Investment Opals” will have included a certificate of Authenticity and Valuation. This includes a digital image of the piece scanned on to the document, which is then signed by our licensed valuer. All AODC diamonds are Conflict Free. 

AODC are proud members of:
- The Australian Opal and Gem Industry Association
- Gemological Association of Australia
- Jewellers Association of Australia Ltd.
- South Australia Opal Miners Association
- Adelaide Convention and Tourism Authority
- Founding Member of The Australian Opal Exchange
- Cruise Down Under