Crystal Opal Earrings

Crystal Opals are a solid form of opal gemstone that often have a near transparent host structure of silicon - this allows large amounts of light to pass through relatively unimpeded carrying the opal's full colour along with it for all to see.

this transparency also has an amplification effect on the range of colouration changes that an observer can see due to changes in environmental lighting - more than any other opal varaint Australian crystal opals can always find ways to show you a side of themselves that you've never seen.


here we provide a selection of our crystal opal earrings set in a wide range of precious metals from sterling silver through to white gold and platinum.


don't see a design here that matches your personal tastes? well that's no problem! we are manufacturing jewellers and would be more than happy to sit down with you to arrange the creation of your ideal peice of jewellery.

Looking for a gemstone to accompany that perfect piece you're about to commission?
we have many cut and polished Australian opals available many of which are available online and can be found with our opal search tool.