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The Australian Opal and Diamond Collection prides itself on its personalised engagement ring and wedding band designs.

We understand well that life's important steps should be approached with the care and attention they deserve - and so we aim to spare no effort in helping our clients to realise thier vision for the day they decide to take those next important steps together with thier significant others.

To that end, while we here at the Australian Opal and Diamond Collection have a variety of engagement ring and wedding band designs available online, as manufacturing jewellers we very much prefer the opportunity to craft a peice that will pefectly represent your aspirations and personal characters.

That through our craft we can provide you with an engagement ring that will best reflect both the journey that you aim to undertake, and the people who you have decided to walk along the road beside.

As such we encourage you to contact us at your convinience, that we may best help you achieve your vision.