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At the Australian Opal & Diamond Collection, we don’t believe in the distribution of subpar, Synthetic or treated Opals. We believe an important part of our role as opal manufacturing jewellers is to use our craft to promote Australia’s national stone. Therefore, the time and craftsmanship our jewellery manufacturers put into the creation of our opals and jewellery is unlike any other in Adelaide.

We believe that each opal has its own precious individuality. Through our years of experience in the industry, dealing with the entire process, from mining to manufacturing through to export. We have found that to create the perfect piece, jewellers need to understand the uniqueness of each opal. We cut each opal individually, taking the time and care to understand the dimensions and colour characteristics of the opal before forging a stunning piece of jewellery.

As Adelaide’s leading jewellery wholesalers, we offer far more than your standard jewellery stores, we care about the standard of your opal and work hard to develop its perfection.

Adelaide’s Premier Opal Jewellery Manufacturers

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Great customer service. Level of knowledge is awesome. Very friendly team and the very competitive pricing. Highly recommend and won't ever go anywhere else.

Hugo Hartles

Fantastic in every aspect! Huge range of natural opals to choose from. Stunning designs. Great customer service from a highly knowledgeable team. I will be returning.

Jennifer McIntyre

Superb customer service!! They are very friendly and knowledgeable about each type of stone and they are willing to reset a stone if the customer doesn’t like the setting. The store is full of unique and beautiful stones. Thank you so much!! 

Tim Wright

I bought a lovely opal pendant from such a wonderful sales lady. Their service is amazing and they have really beautiful jewellery. I would highly recommend them! Regards, Jill 

Jill Manning

Opal jewellery designed for royalty

The Australian Opal & Diamond Collection

Recognised Industry Leaders

Through our ongoing commitment to our opal and its well earned status as an Australian icon, we have received continual recognition from the Australian Federal Government. Our prestige is such that we have been selected as Australia’s solo promoter and retailer of opal, pearl and diamond, at two consecutive world expositions, a title which we are very proud to hold and a title that no other Australian jeweller has ever achieved.


From Opal engagement rings, opal earrings, pendants and more - our selection stems from the most prestigious of opal gemstones manufactured in Australia. The best opals Adelaide has to offer can be found with us at the Australian Opal & Diamond Collection.

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Black Opals Adelaide

The Australian Opal & Diamond Collection has the widest array of black opal in adelaide, with the most vibrant of colours & most unique patterns you can find in an opal gemstone. The Australian Opal & Diamond Collection is known worldwide for its black opals and are locally known as the best suppliers of Black Opal in Adelaide.

The Australian Opal & Diamond Collection

14 King William Street
Adelaide, South Australia 5000

Mon-Fri, 9:30 am - 5:30pm
Saturday, 10am - 4pm
Sunday, Closed

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