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Let us help you create a timeless and elegant opal engagement ring, using natural Australian opal.

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Bespoke diamond jewellery, handcrafted in Adelaide.

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Family owned for over 30 years

Since the 1980s, our passion for opal gemstones has driven AODC's commitment to crafting exquisite, high-quality Australian Opal jewellery. We take pride in offering unique pieces that capture the timeless beauty of natural Opals. Each gemstone is individually cut by our skilled jewellers, ensuring a one-of-a-kind creation that highlights its distinct characteristics.

Explore our diverse range of Opal jewellery, including rare Black Opals from Lightning Ridge, New South Wales. We also offer a wide range of Australian Crystal Opals, Boulder Opals, and Milky Opals. Visit our Adelaide showroom and let us help you find the perfect opal piece.

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Opal jewellery designed for royalty

The Australian Opal and Diamond Collection have had the honour of designing and creating bespoke opal pieces for different Monarchs around the world, including HRH Princess Mary of Denmark and HM Queen Sylvia of Sweden.

The opal jewellery piece for Princess Mary of Denmark consisted of a Solid Crystal Opal from Mintabie, South Australia, surrounded in diamonds. This singular piece effortlessly transforms into three distinct adornments: a pendant, ring, and brooch.

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