White milky opal earrings set in a a water drop shaped yellow gold setting.

Milky Opal

Discover the allure of Australian Milky Opals – subtle yet captivating stones that bring a natural, timeless charm to any style.

Milky Opal Jewellery, Adelaide

Milky Opals (also known as white opals) are characterised by their white or 'milky' body tone.

Milky Opals, a variant of crystal opals, develop their translucency due to inclusions (often sandstone) within the silicon host. This characteristic allows less light to pass through compared to their crystal opal counterparts, creating its unique milky appearance.

The Australian Opal and Diamond Collection offers an extensive range of Milky Opal jewellery, including Milky Opal rings, pendants and earrings. We use only natural Australian Milky Opals in our jewellery, handcrafted in our Adelaide studio.