Doublet Opal Pendants

Australian Doublet Opals are a two layered structure, a layer of common opal backing stone that acts as the gemstone's foundation and serves to provide strength to the precious opal layer that sits upon it for when the gemstone is set within a piece of jewellery.

Here we display a selection of our Doublet Opal Pendants, with settings ranging from Sterling Silver to Platinum we have designs that can encompass many preferences.

Though many is not all! to make up for the difference, we here at the Australian Opal and Diamond Collection take pride in our expertise as manufacturing jewellers and would be happy to create your ideal piece of jewellery for you.

Looking for an Opal that suits your design aspirations? we have many cut and polshed Australian Opal gemstones avaialble online, and they are easy to find using our search tool!