Black Opal Rings

Australian Black Opals are amoung the rarest kinds of opal, mined at Lightning Ridge New South Wales, they are often formed within a host structure of manganese.

These precious gemstones recieve thier title for possessing a darker,
often almost black body tone colouration compared to the other types of solid opal.

The darker body tone range of the black opal's host structure often affords the gemstone a much higher colour contrast and brightness, allowing the gem's colour to be vividly seen. 

The result often being that they present as perfect candidates for setting within our opal rings and pendants, many of which are available to buy here on our website, however should you not see a design here that strikes your fancy, or perhaps have a ring in mind that you simply haven't been able to find - we as manufacturing jewellers are more than happy to arrange a consltation with you to dicusss how your design ideas may be bought into reality!

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