Black Opal Earrings

Australian Black Opals - mined in Lightning Ridge, New South Wales  are famed for thier bright high-contrast play-of-colour that thier host rock of manganese affords them.

Named due to the dark body tone that its host rock provides, black opal has a dark body tone ranging from shades of dark grey to almost completely black. These opals more than any other are able to provide a vibrant and spectacular play-of-colour due to the high contrast the opal's colour pattern has against its hosting rock.

Here we display our selection of Australian black opal earrings, set in precious metals ranging from serling silver through to white gold and platinum.

Not seeing a design that matches your needs? We here at the Australian Opal and Diamond Collection are manufacturing jewellers, and would be more than happy to sit down with you to discuss how we can create that perfect piece of opal jewellery for you.

Looking for gemstones to match with your ideal setting? we also have a diverse selection of cut and polished Australian opals, many of which can be viewed online with our search tool.