Boulder Opal Earrings

Boulder Opal is a Solid form of Opal. forming on or around Ironstone. This Iron serves as the host structure for the opal and often results in a gemstone with a unique undulating surface. These opals are commonly mined in Quilpie, Queensland.

Here we display our selection of Australian Boulder Opal earrings, set in precious metals ranging from sterling silver to white gold and platinum we're sure we can provide you with an ideal pair of earrings to suit your personal needs.

On the off chance you are unable to find what you require amoung our current offerings, contact us! we are manufacturing jewellers and would be happy to assist you in creating an ideal piece of opal jewellery that is just as unique and individual as you!

looking for an opal to accomany your ideal setting? we have many cut and polished Australian opal gemstones available, a large selection of which can be previewed through our opal search tool.