Milky Opal Earrings

Milky opals (or light opal) are a form of crystal opal that due to inclusions - usually in the form of sandstone in the hosting silicon, have become transluscent.

allowing some but signifcantly less light to pass through the hosting structure than its crystal opal cousin. this often affords the opal a white or 'milky' body tone that this type of opal is named for.

Here is a selection of our milky opal earring designs, available in precious metal settings from sterling silver to white gold and platinum.

don't see a design that matches th one you had in mind? that's easily fixed! we are manufacturing jewellers and would be more than happy to sit down with you to discuss the details of manifesting your own vision for that perfect piece of jewellery.

Want help in finding a gemstone? we have an opal gemstone search tool avaialble that can help you find the ideal cut and polished Australian opal to suit your aspirations!