Triplet Opal Earrings


Triplet Opal gemstones are a three layered structure consiting first of a capping layer of quartz that sits atop a thin layer of precious Australian opal, which in turn sits on a foundation layer of a common opal backing stone.

this structure serves to protect the often thin layer of precious opal within the triplet while still allowing the opal's colouration to be on full display within a piece of jewellery.


Here you can browse a large selection of our triplet opal earring designs, though if you don't see a design that matches what you have in mind, you can always contact us! 

as manufacturing jewellers we would be more than happy to speak to you about how we may bring your ideal design into reality.

need help finding gemstones for your new earrings? we have a search tool that can help you find the ideal pair of cut and polished opal gemstones to suit your ambitions.