An opaque Crystal Opal Ring set in yellow gold

Crystal Opal

Crystal Opals are admired for their vibrancy and stunning play of colours. Explore our collection of natural Australian crystal opal jewellery.

Crystal Opals, Adelaide

Australian Crystal Opals exhibit an extensive array of colourations and patterns, always able to show you something new. Under different lighting conditions, you can enjoy different colours, patterns, and play of colour in your crystal opal.

Discover the Elegance of Crystal Opals

Crystal opals are a unique type of opal gemstone that is entirely silicon-based. What sets them apart is their remarkable transparency, often bordering on complete translucency. This distinctive quality allows the captivating colours of crystal opals to permeate the entire structure, creating a breathtaking visual display.

Crystal opals are adored for the vibrant colours and stunning play of colour in different lighting conditions. This almost translucent appearance of Crystal Opals allows the inherent colour pattern of the opal to interact with its external environment, more so than any other type of opal gemstone. 

Where do Crystal Opals Come From?

Crystal opals, prized for their transparent beauty, are predominantly found in Andamooka and Mintabie in South Australia. The geological conditions in these areas contribute to the formation of crystal opals with exceptional clarity. 

Factors Affecting Crystal Opal Value

The value of crystal opals is influenced by various factors. Clarity, transparency, and the intensity of colours play a pivotal role in determining the overall value of crystal opals. Larger, well-defined patterns within the opal also contribute to its desirability.

The Difference Between Crystal Opals and Milky (White) Opals

While both crystal opals and milky opals share a light-toned appearance, they differ in their transparency and play-of-colour. Crystal opals, being entirely silicon-based, are predominantly transparent, allowing colours to permeate the entire gem. In contrast, milky opals have a milky or opaque appearance, with colours displaying more subtly.