Silver pendant with a set blue opal

Tripet Opal

Triplet Opals are fine slivers of opal that are adhered to a solid dark backing and a clear protective covering. Triplet Opals are a great introduction to the beauty of Australian opal jewellery.

Triplet Opal Jewellery, Adelaide

Australian Triplet Opals are three layered gemstone constructs that aim to support even the most fragile of precious opal.

As the precious opal present within a triplet is but a thin wafer compared to many solid stones or even doublet opals, it needs some support to display its brilliant colourations when set within jewellery. To do so, Triplet Opals are set between a backing of common opal and a protective capping layer of quartz.

The result is a composite gem with comparable colour at often a fraction of the price of a solid gemstone.

AODC offers a selection of Triplet Opal pendants, rings, earrings and accessories.