Opal Earrings

Gorgeous Opal Earrings and Pendants in Adelaide and Online

The opal earring has long been a favourite for eveningwear and casual attire alike. Highly versatile, this precious stone can be worn for all occasions, and never fails to shine and impress. The beauty of the opal carries so much charm and class that it is now recognised as Australia’s national stone.

The Australian Opal & Diamond Collection has been established as Australia’s pre-eminent distributor of stunning, handcrafted opal earrings and pendants. Our collection is wide and diverse, with the collection including a variety of different sizes, shapes and dimensions for either earrings or pendants. Feel free to browse our extensive collection or get in contact with the team at the AODC if you have any questions about our line.

The AODC Difference

For over 30 years the AODC has been Australia’s premier provider of beautiful, handcrafted jewellery. We believe in furthering the promotion of the opal as Australia’s national stone and a national treasure, and therefore work closely with the industry from mining through to exportation. Our prestige is such that we have are consistently recognised by the Australian Federal Government as being the leader in the opal industry.

 Our collection has been showcased to over 8 million guests from around the globe and worn by monarchs from Sweden and Denmark. When you purchase an opal earring or pendant from the AODC, you too can share in the glamour and prestige provided by these wonderful pieces.

Contact Us for Enquiries

If you have any questions about the range of opal earrings and pendants available either online or at our Adelaide location, or have any further enquiries about the extended product line available at the AODC, feel free to get in contact with our staff.

Submit an enquiry form via our contact page or call us on +61 8 8211 9995 and we will assist you with your enquiries.